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What exactly are we doing?

We don’t only sell vehicles what we have in our portfolio. We also provide value added services according to our customer’s requests. If you don't find a vehicle that you need in our list, please have a look below and see what kind of services we have for you.

Used Truck & Brand New Upperstructure

If you need an alternative solution instead of buying brand new commercial vehicle with brand new upperstructure we have a solution for you. We can take used truck as a chassis and we can combine with brand new upperstructure such as water tank, tipper truck etc. and make offer to you.

Brand New Commercial Vehicles

Due to the availability or stock position advantage we can also make offer for 0 km and brand new commercial vehicles. Especially we have strong cooperation with the brands that has a production plant in Turkey so you can reach out to ask what we have as an alternative.

Special Inquiries

If you need trucks with special upperstructure such as telescopic platforms, cranes, garbage trucks, hook lifts, transmixers, trailers, municipal vehicles, tippers, fire trucks or project based machineries, you can reach out to us with your inquiries. We can combine our experience and our partnerships, we can work on your project inquiries and make offer to you.

Brand New Truck & Brand New Upperstructure

Most of truck mounted upperstructure are order based produced. So its not easy to find what exactly you need in the advertisement lists and stock lists. Within our strong partnerships with best and highest quality upperstructure producers, we can provide finished product offer to you. You can request truck brand and share details of upperstructure that you need (concrete transmixer, crane, garbage truck etc.) and we can combine chassis with upperstructure and make offer to you.

Technical Expertise, Custom, Export, Delivery

If you find a vehicle or machinery from the market in Turkey and you need a support for the next process we are here to help you. We have strong background on exporting commercial vehicles, we have strong partnerships with best custom clearence agencies, transportation and technical service companies. We can make technical expertise for the vehicle, we can organise custom clearency or we can deliver your vehicle till your door. 

Inquiry & Offer

We get inquiries from our customers even we don't have in our stocks or in our portfolio. We can get details of your request, we can search & find, we can make offer to you. 

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