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Machinport is a joint venture of Foryap Ltd. Company and Redepp Inc. Machinport is an online portal for all kind of commercial vehicles and construction machineries. Main focus of Machinport is providing professional service on finding, selling and delivering all type of commercial vehicles, truck upperstructures and heavy machineries from Turkey to all over the world. We have huge portfolio including Tipper Trucks, Mixer Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Trailers, Cranes, Frigo Trucks, Telescopic Platforms, Garbage Trucks, Water Tanks, Minibuses, VIP Buses, Heavy Machineries and other type of commercial vehicles. Machinport  located in Istanbul.


FORYAP located in Istanbul, Turkiye.  Established in 2010. Foryap is the owner of Machinport trademark. Foryap has strong background on construction business. We successfully finished construction projects such as goverment buildings, social center buildings, city transformation projects and electric infrastructure projects. Then we expanded our business area to the related business activities with construction business such as renting heavy machinery and construction equipments. At the same time we were already making export business as a second main activity and we were exporting packaging materials from Turkiye to all over the World. Due to the customer requests we combined our two main activity export and construction business and we started to export heavy machineries, spare parts and construction materials. Now our focus is on export business and our main export items are used and brand new commercial vehicles, special designed commercial vehicles, construction materials, packaging materials and spare parts.

We are open to discuss all kind of business cooperation from all over the world. We can support our customers on searching, finding and exporting all kind of industrial products related with our existing experience. We would like to be positioned as a strong partner for our customers.

Beside this, if you have an existing business at out of Turkiye and need professional representative or distributor from Turkiye we are open to discuss this kind of business models as well.

For detailed information you may visit 


Redepp is an export-oriented company of group companies that works in the construction, contracting services, commercial vehicles and food industry.​

The Redepp team has undertaken and successfully completed many construction projects in its deep-rooted history in the industry and delivered them to their owners. These completed buildings increase their value every year as important prestige projects. In addition to these activities, the Redepp team has also done a lot of work as both an operator and an exporter on construction equipment, trucks, trucks with special superstructures and commercial vehicles, since it is a field related to construction.​

After the construction projects in Turkiye, the Redepp team expanded their activities abroad, and successfully took the first step abroad with the construction project they carried out in Malta. Thus, the Redepp team proved its quality and success in the scale of European Union quality standards with the project it carried out in Malta.​

The team, which started to supply the products and vehicles used in its activities both in Turkey and abroad, to its business partners abroad, took a strategic decision to focus more on these export activities. Thus, Redepp AS was established to further develop these activities of group companies that focus more on export activities. Redepp has started to export the high quality construction materials used in its own projects to its business partners abroad.​

In addition to this, Redepp has also developed its activities related to commercial vehicles and accelerated its export activities, especially on special superstructure trucks and commercial vehicles. With its commercial vehicle and commercial vehicle equipment production experience, Turkiye has become a major player in this industry on a global scale. Redepp exports commercial vehicles in compliance with European Union quality standards to its business partners abroad, with its business partners with strong experience in the production of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle equipment.​

After successful work in the construction and commercial vehicles industry, Redepp has decided to invest in the food industry, which has become an increasingly strategic sector. Collaborating with Turkiye's leading agricultural product manufacturers, Redepp has started exporting food products that it has decided to focus on.

Redepp will expand its activities with its subsidiaries and collaborations with an export focus. If you are looking for a reliable and strong supplier for the products you need regarding our fields of activity, Redepp will be the right address for you.

For detailed information you may visit 

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