Machinport is a trademark of Foryap Ltd. Company. Machinport is a brokerage portal of used commercial vehicles, agriculture vehicles, construction machineries, concrete mixers and concrete pumps. Machinport  located in Istanbul. Main focus of Machinport is selling used commercial vehicles and machineries from Turkey to all over the world.


FORYAP located in Istanbul, Turkey.  Foryap is the owner of Machinport trademark. Foryap has strong background on construction business. We successfully finished construction projects such as goverment buildings, social center buildings, city transformation projects and electric infrastructure projects. Then we expanded our business area to the related business activities with construction business such as renting heavy machinery and construction equipments. At the same time we were already making export business as a second main activity and we were exporting packaging materials from Turkey to all over the World. Due to the customer requests we combined our two main activity export and construction business and we started to export heavy machineries and spare parts. Now we are focusing on export business and our main export items are machinery, commercial vehicles, packaging materials and industrial products for local and global market.


We are open to discuss all kind of business cooperation from all over the World. We can support our customers on searching, finding and exporting all kind of industrial products from Turkey. We are open to discuss positioning Foryap Ltd. as an international trader for our customers. Beside this, if you have an existing business and need representative or local supporter from Turkey we are open to discuss this kind of business models.

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Machinport used machinery portal.

We export used trucks, commercial vehicles, agriculture vehicles, concrete pumps, concrete mixers and automotive spare parts.

Istanbul / TURKEY

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