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Unique Interior Design

- 1st Grade Burmese Teak Tree

- 1st Grade Ilombo, Okima Contra and Handcrafted Laminate Veener

- Special Bathroom Design IRECO



Light and Durable


Unique Design and Positive Maneuvers

The Chassis-Specific 12v Refrigerator T1090 THEDFORD

12v Oven Are Framed by a Special Wooden Design

The Chassis-Attachted Private Cash Safe is framed by a Special Wooden Design


4 Layers Of Engineering

- Humid Barrier

- Izogreen Felt

- Elastomeric Rubber

- Bizofol

Pastoral floor protection is applied in terms of insulation


Superior Freshness & Innovation

- High Security Laminated Window

- Unique Curved Design

- CE Certificated Cruise Window

- Interior Curtain System BERHIMI

- Tent System THULE


Comfort And Safety

- Chassis-Integrated Isofix Connected Rear Seats

- 1st Grade Unique Leather Upholstery

- Certified Seatbelts


Extraordinary Sportive Design

- Swivel Seats

- 1st Grade Unique Leather Upholstery


High Capacity Water

- 260 LT Clean Water Tank

- Enclosured with 8mm galvanized stainless steel sheet

- Automatic Drainage System

- Designed in Compliance With European Standards


Unlimited Energy

- Solar Panel and Charging from Vehicle's Regulator SCHMID

- 1st Class 428 MAH Pure Lead Plate Battery VICTRON

- High and Low Voltage Battery Protection System

- Smart Inventor System

- All in One System to Show Life Batteries in a Percentage Barem

- Fireproof Marine Cable Structure

Designed by Alternative Energy Engineers


User Friendly Software

- Lighting Systems

- Automatic Drainage System

- Exterior Lighting System

- Water Tank Controls

- Energy Control Systems

- Battery Indicators

- Parked Vehicle

- Remote Connection With Software Application


Innovative Entertainment Systems

- Apple 4K TV

- 27 Inches TV

- Projector and Curtain

- Sinematic Audio System

- Ozone Machine

- Wireless Charging Unit

- Cordless Caravan Vacuum

- WiFi

- Multimedia System

- Rear View Camera

- 3000K Unique Led Lighting


Trustworthy Gas System

- Duo Control System

- Double Tank Feature

- Automatic Power Cut During Emergencies TRUMA


Climate Control

- Quick Warm-Up in Your Kitchen, Bathroom and Outer Shower

- Most Efficient Ambient Temperature During Cold Weather

- Time-Adjusted System

- Homogeneous Three Output Heat

- Room Temperature Sensor

- Both Interior and Exterior Hot Water Output

- FrostControl





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