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Brand new tippers upon on request. 


If you need high quality trailers with European brand equipped (pistons, axels etc) spare parts in good price you can reach out to us. 


Machinport, exporting brand new trailers from Turkey to all over the world. Our production partner producing highest quality trailers in Turkey. For more details, please reach out to us.  


The dimensions of the tipper body depends on the vehicle chassis measurements.
For different applications, please fill the request form.

The recommended volumes for the 6x4 chassis vehicles are 14 m3, 16 m3, 18 m3 and 20 m3
The recommended volumes for the 8x4 chassis vehicles are 20 m3, 22 m3, 24 m3 and 26 m3

8 mm thickness made of ST 44 steel, U-construction.
Inner reinforcement 6 mm. thickness made of ST 44 steel.
Torsion cross-members on the rear of the chassis.
The rear rotative arm made of 1040 hardness steel and the diameter is 85 mm.

Tipper body
Body                           : Hardox 450 (SSAB make)
Floor thickness           : 10 mm HARDOX 450
Side walls thickness   : 8 mm HARDOX 450
Front Wall thickness   : 8 mm HARDOX 450
Tailgate thickness      : 8 mm HARDOX 450
Operation system       : Hydraulic
Shelter thickness       : 5 mm ST 37 steel sheet
The operating system of the tailgate is manual. Opening both on rear and side.

Hydraulic System
Four stages heavy duty cold-drawn telescopic cylinder.
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 110 lt. (min.)
Dual speed download valve, limit-check security valve.
35x85 DPA gear pump
PTO: original, mounted on the vehicle

Before the painting, the body is washed with special chemicals to purify the waste materials and cleaned by sand blasting method.
After the pasting on the necessary  surfaces of the body, the two-coat epoxy primer and two-coat water-based paint is applicated on the body.
All painting applications are made in the painting cabin.

Standard Accessories:
Mud guards above the rear axles. (steel sheet)
Tool box (steel sheet)
Protection steel sheet longtidunally at the bottom of the body.
Hooks welding on the side-front walls and tailgate for the tarpaulin
Reflector on the tailgate.
Water tank
Ladder on the right side.
Side bars.

Hydraulic opening tailgate.

Brand new Tipper

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