We would like to share one of interesting business connection for us happened couple weeks ago. One of our customer from Hungary decided to come to Istanbul by his own car due to our invitation to talk about establishing business connection. He decided to bring his family near him as well. Plan was having business and easter trip at the same time.

But a bad luck, he faced an engine problem on his car when he just entered the border of Turkey! Time was late and there was more than 250 km to reach Istanbul. He called us and then we talked with him, then we supported him to find a service and brought car and his family to Istanbul. Around 12:00 AM they reached to Istanbul and we met with them. We left his car at the service and took them to their hotel. 

Due to big problem of the engine, our customer had to extend his visit from 3 days to 7 days. Engine repaired from the beginning and during this waiting time we supported him and his family about their lovely Istanbul trip :)

At the end, our customer and his family had very nice and lovely days in Istanbul (according to their feedbacks), we established strong business cooperation and his family had a great experience on shopping and travelling in Istanbul. 

Now we have very close friend and family in Hungary! This is how we work and this is how we help to the people even we know them or not. We are so happy to host our guests in Istanbul. Probably he will come to Istanbul on next week again to make a tattoo for his body! We invited him to come here by plane! :)